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Zhejiang Xiehai Group Co., Ltd

Registered address: 17/F, Building 9, Linhai Headquarters Economic & Commercial District, Dayang Sub-district, Linhai City, Zhejiang Province, China
Sector: Ship Owner
Country: China

Zhejiang Xiehai Group Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to as Xiehai Group) is a limited liability company that was incorporated in China in July 2013. Based in Zhejiang Province, China, the company, along with a number of subsidiaries/affiliates, is a ship owner and operato...

Infospectrum's standard reports are designed to meet key requirements of counterparty and credit due diligence, and include information and analysis covering:

  • Ownership structure and beneficial control
  • History
  • Quality of management and operations
  • Financial strength
  • References from counterparties
  • Sanctions
  • Assessment, Scores/Ratings

Infospectrum conducts new assessments upon request, and also offers bespoke research and investigations services, with a focus on the shipping, energy and commodities trading sectors.

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